Custom Dentures

Full and Partial Dentures in Phoenix

Custom Dentures in Phoenix, AZ - AZ DentalDentures are not just artificial teeth – they allow you to live life as you choose! Whether you need a full set or partials, dentures enable you to eat what you choose, speak normally, and prevent facial sagging and bone loss.

However, your dentures can cause frustrating problems if they don’t fit well or aren’t made properly. Dentures that fit poorly can cause painful rubbing or may slip when you’re eating or speaking.

Dr. Tong at AZ Dental takes accurate measurements to ensure that your dentures precisely fit your unique mouth. He also makes sure that your dentures are crafted from high-quality, long-lasting materials.

Call us at (602) 455-0505 if you need new dentures. We’re also happy to make a set of replacement dentures for you if your old dentures are no longer comfortable. We provide a variety of high quality customized teeth replacement options at AZ Dental.