Dental Bridges

Teeth Replacement in Phoenix

Dental Bridges in Phoenix, AZ - AZ DentalBridges are a tried and true tooth replacement option. A bridge is a fixed dental prosthetic, meaning you don’t need to remove it for sleeping or cleaning. Your bridge will contain an artificial tooth or several teeth, and the bridge is anchored to your adjacent natural teeth so that it stays firmly in position.

A bridge is often an excellent choice for patients missing a single tooth or even a few teeth. Many patients choose a bridge as an alternative to partial dentures. Not only can a bridge allow you to speak normally and chew properly, but it can also restore your appearance. A dental bridge gives you a complete and attractive smile.

Dental bridges can be crafted from a number of materials, and we are always sure to fabricate high-quality custom bridges just for you at AZ Dental. Call us now at (602) 455-0505 to discuss a new or replacement bridge.